ABOUT double

The magazine double, founded in 2004, provides a platform for reflecting the multiform genres of contemporary puppet theatre and object theatre. It critically approaches aesthetic, philosophical, scientific and cultural policy aspects of the “theatre of things”. Double is written in German, but the editorial and main articles are complemented by English summaries.
Each number introduces a special issue section, followed by reviews, reports and news about German and international productions, festivals, projects, publications – and last but not least an international festival agenda.
double is issued twice a year. It is available as a supplement to the subscription of the theatre magazine “Theater der Zeit”, and it can be purchased as an individual double-subscription. Editor: Verein zur Förderung der Kunst und Kultur des Puppen-, Figuren- und Objekttheaters e.V. (non-profit association). Publisher: Deutsches Forum für Figurentheater and Puppenspielkunst e.V., Bochum. Publishing house: Theater der Zeit, Berlin. – Subscription and purchase: www.theaterderzeit.de/archiv/double/
Content and editorial of each issue (with an English summary), as well as podcasts of the panels “double-Diskurs”, organized by the editorial staff, are published on double-theatermagazin.de

Editorial Staff
Mascha Erbelding, Annika Gloystein, Anke Meyer (senior editor), Christina Röfer, Tim Sandweg, Katja Spiess, Dr. Meike Wagner

Advisory Council
Siliva Brendenal, Christoph Lepschy, Dr. Gerd Taube, Manfred Wegner

Redaktion double, Postfach 10 20 32, 44720 Bochum
Phone +49.(0)234.95 06 29 65

Graphic Design
Robert Voss, Halle (Saale)

Anke Tornow, Halle (Saale)