double #38




Politics of face and mask

A “face-off” is a direct confrontation, a duel fought face to face on a shared stage. From the perspective of current politics of the face and the mask, this term, possibly the primal model of an archaic politics of ‘might is right’, must be interrogated anew. What happens when we think of these politics in terms of the off, of that which cannot be (so easily) represented or would rather evade the lit stage, as a sphere of surveillance and control? What if we instead imagine a “mask-off”, like demonstrators all over the world use, and not just for safety reasons, and like social activists, who forsake their individuality to become representatives of movements?
And what if we treat the face itself not as a natural and inevitable fact, but as the first thing with which we start to act in theatre? The wearing of faces and masks is a basis for interwoven practices of aesthetic play and of combative politics that can no longer be sharply distinguished from each other. It’s time to investigate them in more detail.

CONTENTS double 38

Politics of face and mask

  • Beate Absalon/Sebastian Köthe
    “Ask Me Why I’m Wearing A Mask.“
    On the aesthetics and politics of the flight from the face
  • Claudia Schmölders/Beate Absalon
    From countenance to puppet face.
    Thoughts on “Solace”
  • The thrill of the representative.
    A conversation about current face politics with Arne Vogelgesang
  • René Reith
    Black face on a black background
    Questions and Counterquestions about “Die Gräfin” by Stefanie Oberhoff
  • Petra Löffler
    Trophies of power.
    On Sergio Zevallo’s “A War Machine”
  • Another perspective.
    A conversation with director Mathias Becker
  • Marie Simons
    “Without the mask, he is not a man.”
    The power of masks in professional wrestling


  • Nace Zavrl
    Exploding biometrics.
    Zach Blas and the art of defacement


  • Sarah Heppekausen
    Politics with Punch Agathe.
    60 Years of the FIDENA Puppet Theatre Festival
  • Katja Spiess
    Echo space of contradictions.
    6th double discourse at FIDENA 2018
  • Sabine Leucht
    Big experiments for the little ones.
    The Munich theatre festival “Kuckuck”
  • Steffen Georgi
    Anachronism as potential.
    12th “Blickwechsel” Festival in Magdeburg
  • Mascha Erbelding
    My/a new place.
    Moving theatre experiences at the Figura Festival in Baden
  • Katja Spiess
    Of machines and their people.
    Impressions from the festival “Les Giboulées” 2018 in Strasbourg
  • Anke Meyer
    Festival in between.
    Ruhrtriennale 2018 between times and genres


  • Patrick Wildermann
    Borderless creations.
    “Anniversary Concert of Things” at the Schaubude


  • Marcus Kohlbach
    A search for nonsense that makes sense.
    Observations at the “die-wo-spielen” student festival


  • Tim Sandweg
    “The Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia” by Ho Tzu Nyen


  • Tobias Prüwer
    About the workbook “The State of Things”