double #37



„BeingGerman?!” A current question

In clear contradiction to voices – above all from the right-wing populist spectrum – that want ‘German theatre to be made by Germans for Germans’, double asks what ‘being German’ could even mean today: and that includes ‘being German’ in the area of puppetry. For example, what do puppeteers who contribute to art and culture in Germany think? The theme section is very personal because it is hardly possible to take an objective stance towards the question of “being German?!”. In an introductory article, Meike Wagner talks about what it is like to experience ‘being German’ from the outside. Tim Sandweg looks at three exhibitions, which communicate ‘being German’ in their own way by means of objects and pictures. Lars Rebehn polemicizes against a nationalistic puppet theatre historiography. This is followed by differentiated artist’s views from a Korean- German, Mexican-German, French-German and East-West perspective as well as a discussion on how the Goethe-Institute balances its work between ‘German culture’ and’ culture in Germany’. The theme section is completed with two student statements on the question of whether municipal puppet theatre might offer an attractive vision of the future; and the Serbian curator Ljiljana Dinic´s far-off view of the German puppet theatre. – NEW: On pages 50 and 51 you will find English summaries of all topics and a brief overview of the contents of each section.

CONTENTS double 37


  • Meike Wagner
    Kiss me I am German. How to learn to ’be German’ from the outside.
  • Tim Sandweg
    “When I think of Germany…” Three exhibition visits.
  • Lars Rebehn
    Kasper International. A polemic against a century of nationalistic puppet theatre research in Europe.
  • Silvia Brendenal, Kotti Yun, Antonio Cerezo, Sarah Chaudon
    “Being German?!” Opinions on a complicated theme.
  • “We´re really working on cultural entropy”
    A conversation with Thomas Stumpp, Goethe-Institut
  • Josephine Hock and Jemima Milano
    Puppetry in Germany. A journey into the Saxony region.
  • Ljiljana Dinic
    A View from far. A picture of German puppet theatre.


  • Charlotte Wilde
    Promoting artists. Practical experiences of the challenges of German project requirements.


  • Tom Mustroph
    A paradoxical ’Kasper’ Renaissance. Looking back on the “Theater der Dinge” Festival at the Schaubude.
  • Petra Mostbacher-Dix
    Nights of Insight. The Imaginale 2018 in Baden-Württemberg explores worlds of possibilities
  • Katrin Gellrich
    “Finnish puppetry is ready to conquer the world!” The TIP festival in Turku, Finland in November 2017.
  • Anke Meyer
    Contrasts. A brief visit to the ImPuls Festival in Bucharest.


  • Mascha Erbelding
    Cinema in the head. 30 years Ensemble Material Theatre.
  • Johannes Frisch
    With Kangaroo Jump to Adult Audience. 30 Years of Puppet Theatre Marotte in Karlsruhe.
  • Mascha Erbelding
    Collegial diversity. Interview with Ilsebyll Beutel-Spori on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Association of German Puppet Theatre.


  • Anke Meyer
    Borderline explorations. “Robot Dreams” by Meinhardt & Krauss in Stuttgart.
  • Rikard Hoogland
    A question of scale. “Skvalpet” (Shrinkage) by Malmo Dockteater at the Orion Theatre, Stockholm.
  • Annette Dabs
    Really lifelike. “Un secret de rue” by the Cie Papiertheatre at the festival in Charleville-Mezieres.