double #36



The theme section of this edition of double looks at interfaces between the distantly related disciplines of theatre and therapy. Thoughts on representation forms in figure and object theatre that might be able to deal with genocide and social trauma like euthanasia and flight, are contrasted with a report on the practice of therapeutic puppetry, and approaches taken by a variety of artists who centre their work on aspects of healing. In addition some of the productions reviewed in the magazine give readers insights into precarious and occasionally traumatic living conditions and their backgrounds. Can post-dramatic theatre learn from post-traumatic treatment formats?

CONTENTS double 36


Post-traumatic Theatre. Trauma, therapy and figure theatre

  • Jens Elberfeld/Michael Isenberg
    The discovery of self. A conversation on theatrical aspects of therapy.
  • Stefanie Oberhoff
    Psychomagic. Theatre as an application
  • Seta-E. Guetsoyan
    Death in life. Traumatisations after genocide – thoughts on representation
  • Crischa Ohler
    What was once going on here? On healing theatre and the reappraisal of social traumas
  • Hagnot Elischka
    Simulated Patients. The group “Einmaliges Gastspiel” deals with “Psychatry!” and “Trauma!” between hospitals and theatre
  • Almut Wedekind
    Self liberation through play. On therapeutic puppetry
  • Marianne Cornil
    The nourishing look. On mask play with refugees
  • Michael Franz Woels
    Dealing with Healing. An interview with Ivo Dimchev on his performance “I-Cure”


  • Katja Spiess, Gertraud Johne
    A Universe of changes. Impressions from the 20. international figure theatre festival in Erlangen/Nürnberg/Fürth/Schwabach
  • Anke Meyer
    Irritations in Jerusalem. A look at Israeli productions at the international puppet theatre festival
  • Christina Röfer
    Looking in a different way. Impressions from the “hellwach” festival in Hamm


  • Jessica Hölzl
    A radical change of perspective. The Gera puppet theatre presents “Verbrechen” (Crimes) based on stories by Ferdinand von Schirach.
  • Mascha Erbelding
    Matto’s puppet theatre. “Matto rules“ by Dakar Produktion in the Theater Stadelhofen
  • Christina Röfer
    Broke but not broken. Puppetry meets Hip-Hop in “The Broke ‘N’ Beat Collective”


  • Annika Gloystein
    The artistic natural spectacles of a landscape choreographer. On Mette Ingvartsen’s work exhibition at the HAU


  • Stephanie Preuß
    Constant opposition is not enough! Cultural policy debates at the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre
  • Franziska Burger
    The puppet as contemporary? Observations on current developments in the genre in the Erlangen double debate


  • Lucile Bodson
    Figure theatre in France: a survey


  • Medea Hoch/Walburga Krupp/Sigrid Schade
    Marionettes in Sophie Taeuber-Arp’s Letters. Insights into an editorial project at the ZHdK Institute for Cultural Studies in the Arts


  • Manfred Wegner
    Zürich there and back. The Zürich “Museum für Gestaltung” presents its theatre figures in the form of a publication.