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The simultaneously difficult and fruitful relationship between figures/objects and language was, and still is, a reason to enquire into the aesthetic qualities of puppet and object theatre. Hence the articles in this edition deal with themes like the performing potentials inherent in the “incongruence” between puppets and language, with dramaturgical frictions when dealing with narrative texts, animated material and puppets, and with the challenge of writing for a “Kasper” ensemble. There is also a published text of a play by Christoph Bochdansky. Aspects of language attainment and a discussion on working with several languages on stage open up the theme area for socio-cultural aspects of object theatre.

CONTENTS double 35


Put into the mouths of puppets? Texts in figure theatre

  • Markus Joss
    Don’t Speak So Much! A polemic plea for a space beyond symbols
  • Roscha A. Säidow
    You should na’ sing tha’ damn song! Working on “M ‒ The City seeks a Murderer“
  • Marc Becker
    Herr Becker talks to Herr Becker about writing for the Figure theatre production “Kasper in the Devil‘s Kitchen” by Thalias Kompagnons
  • Émilie Flacher /Bérangère Vantusso
    Fruitful Resistances. On the adaptations from the novels “The Sewn Heart” by Carole Martinez and “Jakob von Gunten” by Robert Walser
  • Steffen Reck
    Self-Portrait with Skeleton. Teatr Malabor Hotel Warschau and the BTL Bialystok: “Czarodziejska góra“/The Magic Mountain”
  • Tobias Prüwer
    The Word Resigns in the Melee. “From the Western World” at the Halle Puppet Theatre surprises with its multiplicity of imagery and text
  • Christoph Bochdansky
    I’m Always Getting No Precise Ideas … … On the theme of puppet and text
  • Jörg Baesecke
    First Theatre. Figure theatre and language acquisition
  • Fragile Textures.
    The author Mudar Al Haggi and the director Stella Cristofolini talk to Tim Sandweg about the trilingual object theatre play “When Farah Weeps”
  • Xavier Bobes
    A Syntax of Objects and Words. On the show “Things Easily Forgotten”


  • Bruno Boussagol
    Théâtre et terrorisme


  • Steffen Georgi
    Working through Fear with Nightmares. Thoughts on a policy of presentation


  • Tom Mustroph
    A Training Course round Sensitivities. The digitalisation of puppets has still not arrived.
  • Annette Dabs
    The Scottish Way. 10 years of the “Manipulate – Visual Theatre Festival”
  • Gertraud Johne
    Reality Forms. Impressions of UNIDRAM 2016 with an accent on the cycle of plays by AKHE


  • Evelyn James
    Squeaking and Squawking to Another Self. “Mix Match” by Judith Huber and Peter Pichler in the Munich Hofspielhaus


  • Anke Meyer & Tim Sandweg
    In the Generator. The Dresden “Theater Junge Generation” finds itself anew
  • Franziska Reif
    The Art of Movement without Words. The puppet section of the “Theater der Jungen Welt” in Leipzig celebrates its 25th anniversary
  • Tuur Devens Theatre of Belongings. 25 years of “Alibicollectief“


  • Anke Meyer
    When the Machine Freezes. In the exhibition “Gilbert Peyre – l‘électromécanomaniaque” in Paris.
  • Meike Wagner
    Applied Puppetry? Social Intervention, Protest. A snapshot at the conference of the Society of Theatre Science, Frankfurt


  • Make more Mistakes! And Make them Quicker. Katja Spiess talks to the outgoing head of the Zurich theatre “Stadelhofen”, Helmut Pogerth
  • Karen Karin Rosenberg
    Free from Competition. Birgit Hollack leaves the Figure Theatre College in Bochum


  • Tobias Prüwer
    To Unknown Shores. The Leipzig “Westflügel“ shows recent theatrical explorations