double #34



An amateur is a person who does something out of love without being paid for it. The same applies to us, the editors of double who work in an honorary capacity for the love of it. On the other hand double has professional standards and the editors take a professional approach to their communications and writings. The theme section of this edition will be discussing this very blurred area: the border crossings, positioning and terminology in the grey area between amateurs and professionals.

CONTENTS double 34


Amateur Puppetry

  • Meike Wagner
    Professional amateurs? A few introductory thoughts
  • Florian Feisel
    Much loved amateurs Amateurs and professionals – two worn-out concepts and useless opposites
  • Mascha Erbelding
    “Come, let’s refine the masses! Miniature stages!” Domestic theatre around 1900
  • Yvonne Schmidt
    Negotiations between professional and non-professional theatre Open-air theatre in Switzerland
  • Tim Sandweg
    The big question A journey of enquiry to the Fritz Wortelmann prize
  • Christina Röfer
    Performing for pleasure or from conviction Impressions from the podium discussion on “Amateur theatre today – What are the criteria for artistic quality?”


  • Angelika Albrecht-Schaffer
    Amateur puppet playing – more than a hobby!
  • Katja Spiess
    The limits of love A field report
  • Christian Schönfelder
    Where worlds meet up Professional work with children and young people
  • The idealism structure double talks to amateur puppeteers


  • Anke Meyer
    The genius of peripheral phenomena A look at Gyula Monár’s (final?) work as a director


  • Christian Bollow, Meike Hinnenberg
    Theatre in between FIDENA 2016 tracking down the great traditions of Asian puppet theatre
  • double discourse 4:
    Figure and Ritual On the relevance of ritual forms for contemporary figure theatre
  • Katja Spiess
    Stories from the underground Observations on the 12th International “Figura” Theatre Festival in Baden
  • Jörg Lehmann
    Fairytales, myths, saving worlds Impressions from the 11th Synergura
  • Mascha Erbelding
    Figure changers A short journey to the 32nd “Skupova” Festival in Pilsen
  • Seta-E. Guetsoyan
    To new shores? The International Festival “Blickwechsel” 2016 and the “Aufbruch” symposium in Magdeburg


  • Almut Wedekind
    Playing with the rules A self-experiment
  • Gertraud Johne
    Exchange processes and fruitful helplessness A student festival in Stuttgart


  • Steffen Georgi
    Understanding theatre as a séance Figure theatre on the tracks of “Frankenstein”


  • Theatre of Objects Preprint of an article from the forthcoming book “Lektionen 7”