double #30



Puppet theatre is situated at the interface between theatre and the pictorial arts and “double” has often considered the multifaceted relationships between the two. But going beyond visual matters, what about the acoustic facets of a production? Over and above the rapid access to suitable soundtracks from music that has already been composed and reproduced, puppet theatre has its own very individual approach to noises and sounds. This edition of “double” is less about classical stage music, musical puppet theatre, and more about sound as a vital challenge to theatre makers and an independent level in a piece of theatre.

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Out of Silence.
Tones, Noises and Sounds in Puppet Theatre

  • Mascha Erbelding
    “I animate tones” An inter­view with the noise-maker Max Bauer about puppet theatre and noises
  • Veronika Darian
    Sound Chasms On puppeteering and ventriloquism in Gisèle Viennes “Jerk”
  • Mascha Erbelding
    “Painting with Sounds” An interview with the composers Ulrike and Wolf-Dieter Trüstedt on their music experiment “Schattensonnen” 1968
  • Katja Spiess
    Natural Oscillations An interview with Antje Töpfer and Markus Birkle on“ theatrical noise” and sound as character
  • Dagmar Domrös/Gabriele Hänel
    Sound, little thing! On the dramaturgic use of tones, noises and sounds in children’s theatre


  • Meike Wagner
    Dialogue with diversity On the first “double” discussions at the Fidena Festival 2014


  • Anke Meyer
    A town full of Doppelgänger The puppet theatre in Halle celebrates its 60th birthday


  • Aja Marneweck
    The Creative Underdogs of Animism South African puppet theatre today
  • Gary Friedman
    Puppets Against Apartheid Political puppet theatre in South Africa in the 1980s
  • Aja Marneweck/Jennie Rezneck
    Light Parade Magnet Theatre’s “Clanwilliam Arts Project”


  • Dominik Frank
    A hole in reality “Artefakt” by fake{to]pretend
  • Ricarda Geib
    In the head of number 45 “Zyrkl” – a project by students of puppet theatre in Stuttgart at the Wilhelmatheater
  • Julia Raab
    “The Fat Woman” on the road A guest performance in Teheran at the 13th International Festival for student puppet theatre


  • Jelena Susac
    Junkyard of forgotten artists’ souls A brief survey of the FIDENA international puppet theatre festival 2014
  • Curiosity and confrontation
    Sibylle Tröster and Frank Bernhardt on the interplay between town and festival
  • Anke Meyer
    Spaces in the space Three shows at the “Theaterformen” Festival 2014
  • Katja Spiess
    I am many The 6th “Hellwach” Festival in Hamm
  • Christian Bollow
    The tales we should tell. The tales we tell. Impres­sions from the 11th “Figura” Theatre Festival in Baden
  • Tim Sandweg
    Close-up The Children’s and Young People’s Theatre Festival in Horsens


  • Barbara Fuchs
    A song to slowness „Manto“ by the Numen Company
  • Christian Bollow
    »So, my dear, have a good day…« A homage to »Was Sachen so machen« by Thalias Kompagnons
  • Silvia Brendenal
    From coverings and emptiness? “En matière de vide” by the Cie. la main d‘oeuvres
  • Gerd Becker
    Uterus on tour “Women lie about their lives” by the Ensemble Materialtheater


  • Jonas Klinkenberg
    The value of freedom 3rd International Symposium of Festival Heads at Fidena 2014


  • Manfred Wegner
    The delicate disenchantment of the magician von G. The catalogue of the Teschner exhibition at the Austrian theatre museum


  • Silvia Brendenal
    Farewell to Annette Wurbs