double #28


When Ryoji Ikeda’s installation “test pattern [100 m version]” converts “ literary, musical and visual works into bar codes it is possible to view this as a commentary on the increasing influence of the market economy in cutbacks to the arts. In this edition Double questions the current relationship between the economy and the arts and whether the omnipotence of the market is turning democracy into post-democracy. In groping for answers the authors of this edition not only turn their gaze on the German puppet theatre scene whose survival is becoming increasingly more difficult given the ever more porous financial situation, but are also interested in the situation beyond Germany. This is particularly true for those countries which have historically staked a claim to being admirable places of artistic freedom: the Netherlands with its widespread shrinking number of production venues for puppet theatre; and also Hungary, where increasingly nationalistic attitudes have set in motion the political and economic destruction of its own theatre scene. This edition also.