double #26


At the end of the string…?

In 2011, “Kleist’s year”, there were a lot of articles and events discussing the contemporary relevance of the dramas and writings of Heinrich von Kleist. But what about attitudes to a text like “Über das Marionettentheater”? Should we see it as part of an antiquated literary history on puppets or a historical contribution to a philosophy of existence? Or can it still stimulate our thinking today and our various practical approaches to puppets? Can Kleist still inspire us to think more deeply about puppet theatre?

The editors of Double have used such thoughts as an excuse to ask puppeteers and theatre scholars to read the text once again, make their own interpretations and find new ways of looking at topics like machines and artificial limbs, puppet theatre history and theory, and the writings of Edward Gordon Craig.

Craig is also the theme of two further articles in this edition, starting from the first bilingual publication of his “Drama for Fools”. Articles by Annette Dabs and Shiva Massoudi give us an insight into puppet theatre in Iran. The essay in this edition of Double is a homage to the theatre scholar Brunella Eruli who died this summer and to whom we also pay tribute in an obituary. We also congratulate the Danish group 38 and the puppetry department of the “Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch”, both of which are celebrating their 40th birthday. Festival reports from Bochum, Baden and Strasburg, and reviews from Bautzen and Belgium show that puppet theatre has a long way to do before it reaches the “end of the string”.