double #32



Creating from intuition, movement, rhythm and fortuitous circumstances without the aid of a previously written text; even extracting dramatic conflicts from the technical inadequacies of mechanical protagonists… In the eighteenth century we might possibly have conceded some of these factors to puppet theatre when it was in its baby shoes. By contrast preparations for a theatre play were concentrated completely on memorising and declaiming a literary text, as is clear from our lead article on Goethe’s theatre novel “Wilhelm Meister”. The thematic section of “double” deals with the changing concepts of rehearsal work and its related energy processes; with rehearsals as a place for exploring potentialities and asserting one’s own values in the process of artistic development over against the “finished” production. It is also about how open-ended rehearsals in contemporary puppet and object theatre often result in surprising performative solutions.

CONTENTS double 32


Rehearsals as a Place of Potentialities

  • Christoph Lepschy
    First Encounters. On the Start of Rehearsals
  • Horror on trial.
    Gisèle Vienne in conversation with Veronika Darian
  • Markus Joss
    Predetermined Breaking Points. On the specifics of production methods in the theatre of objects
  • Heiki Ikkola
    What to begin with? And how? On the creation of a “Rwanda-Memory” by the “Freaks und Fremde” Company
  • Wolf-Dieter Ernst & Meike Wagner
    Renewable Energies. Energetic Processes in Rehearsal Work
  • Silvia Brendenal
    A Rehearsal Paradise at the End of the World. A production residency at the Nordland Visual Theatre on Lofoten (Norway)
  • Readjust and start again from the top
    Conversation with Marius Kob on the rehearsals for “Frankenstein” at the Schauspielhaus Basel
  • Eva Plischke
    What do we rehearse when we rehearse? Thoughts on things that happen outside and beyond rehearsals
  • Tanja Höhne
    Room for Research and Experiment!


  • Christina Röfer
    The pleasures of disconcertion. The 19th international puppet theatre festival in Erlangen, Nürnberg and Fürth
  • Tim Sandweg
    Diversity or abundance? Observations on the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières
  • Thomas Lang
    Opening up vistas. Observations on acting and puppet theatre in Romania


  • Tobias Prüwer
    Artistic proliferation in the Westflügel. A jubilee and a new production in Leipzig


  • Veronika Darian
    An ambiguous review of pathologies. Gisèle Vienne and the puppet theatre in Halle: “The Ventriloquists Convention”
  • Katja Spiess
    Great pain in a small life “Mother Krausen’s Journey into Happiness” by flunker productions in the Schaubude, Berlin
  • Gerrit Münster
    Surviving in the dungeon of cliches. “Survival Women” in the Marotte Figurentheater Karlsruhe


  • Anke Meyer
    Just Pixels? A brief visit to film festivals in Oberhausen and Stuttgart


  • Julia Feigl
    Careful! Experiment in progress! The Stuttgart NEWZ shows recent figure theatre
  • Johannes Gruhl
    In ideal company. “Versuchung No. 6” with recent puppet, figure and object theatre in the Schaubude Berlin