double #31



Can we still identify the borders between the self and the object in the digital age, in the world of smart phones, apps and the internet? How has the concept of material changed? How can we understand digital things as equal partners? How much does the spirit of puppetry reside in the practices of the digital community? And what does all this mean for the theatre of things? This edition contains academic and artistic reflections on the invisible interface between reality and virtuality.

CONTENTS double 31


Trial & Error. Digital Metamorphoses

  • Michael Isenberg & Tim Sandweg
    (Im)possible Worlds Friedrich Kirschner and puppetry students on digital features in the theatre of things
  • Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic
    STATEMENT Transforming Everyday Life
  • Karin Bruns
    Apps, Agents, Clouds Theory particles and splinters on material, media and rubbish
  • Data should be given a value
    A conversation with Balz Isler on digital material
  • Torsten Meyer
    The Next Art The coming society of digital natives
  • Lars Robert Krautschick
    Brave New Building-Block Culture Mashups in a (popular-) cultural context
  • Colette Searls
    The interactive potentials of digital puppetry Experiments with live cartoon characters
  • Vangelis Makriyannakis & Philippos Phillipou
    STATEMENT Radical Fantasy
  • Tina Lorenz
    When objects give you information The Internet of things and its significance for object theatre
  • Anke Meyer
    Elektronic Partners… at the annual conference of the “Dramaturgische Gesellschaft” 2015
  • Iris Meinhardt
    STATEMENT Mr. Beamer and me


  • Hannah Neumann
    In flight The Afghan Puppet Theatre PARWAZ
  • Ahmed Nasir Formuli
    STATEMENT The founder of PARWAZ on the December assassination attempt


  • Ljiljana Dinic
    In Process The contemporary puppetry scene in Serbia
  • Zoran Đeric
    The slow road to institutionalisation A short history of the art of puppetry in Serbia
  • Ljiljana Dinic
    Every object is a puppet Srboljub Stankovic’s animated theatre


  • Michael Isenberg & Almut Wedekind
    What’s love got to do with The eighth “manipulate – Visual Theatre Festival”
  • Marta Brys
    Form is not the same as Form The “Materia Prima 2015” Festival in Krakow


  • Tobias Pruwer
    “Multiperspective Theatre“ What the change at the top of the Chemnitz Puppet Theatre promises
  • Barbara Fuchs
    The Inventor of Figures Werner Hennrich is a piece of luck for the theatre


  • Silvia Brendenal
    A Clowns Play „Herr Trautsich geht hinter den Vorhand und staunt“ by Peter Muller and Oliver Dassing
  • Gerrit Munster
    Dancing with Fate “MacBeth – I can dance my name” by Gruppe K
  • Dora Dorsch
    Bad Girls get Everywhere “(The) Rolling Floyd” at the Theater Drachengasse in Vienna
  • Tim Sandweg
    Yes, we can! “Ressacs” by the Belgian company “Gare Central”
  • Katja Spiess
    The Name of the Enemy “A House in Asia” by the Agrupacion Senor Serrano


  • Tom Mustroph
    The Longing for Freedom Berlin’s independent puppeteers reach for the stars


  • Anke Meyer
    Chatting about art with Pink Tea The intercultural “Night of Delight” in Stuttgart


  • Evelyn James
    Kasper with Style The illustrated volume “Kasper und Konsorten“